About Hybrid-VPP4DSO

The research project Hybrid-VPP4DSO deals with the question, how power grids can be prepared for future challenges of the energy transition - and how companies can benefit from it.

Main contents of the Project

  • Identification of critical network sections in the distribution network

  • Simulation of appropriate measures

  • Experimental development of hybrid-VPP algorithms

  • Simulation of hybrid-VPP in the distribution network

  • Tests in a laboratory environment

Objectives of the Project

  1. Electricity generation from renewable sources and the consumption thereof should be better coordinated, for example by attuning the turning on or off of electric loads and the coordination of demand and availability.

  2. The electricity system as a whole should be further optimized and stabilized.

  3. New business and service models for hybrid virtual grids should be developed also bringing the electricity customers economic advantages.
Based on these phases, a concept for a Hybrid -Virtual Power Plant (hybrid-VPP) is created - including power generators, transmission system operators and consumers (industrial and commercial).